The Secrets Of The Wu Dang Master

Flute-Playing 'Mountain' Kung-Fu Master Reveals Most Powerful Secrets

Chinese Chi SuperStars

The Ultimate 'Dream Team' of Chinese Chi Masters Are About To Teach You Their Most Powerful Secrets!

Quantum Pressure Points

The Biggest Breakthrough In Pressure Point Fighting For The Last 112 Years!

The Fast And Brutal Interactive Encyclopedia

Virtually EVERY Brutal And Dangerous Self-Defense Technique Known To Man Has Now Been Captured On This Special Electronic 'Encyclopedia'

The Ten Killing Hands

After 24 years of training in martial arts I thought I'd seen it all

Russell Stutely's 5 Second Massacre

Now BANNED By International Authorities- Is He Now TOO Brutal?

The Chi Transmission System

The Ultimate Martial Art Secret - Revealed?

The Soldier Wu Footage

The Secret 'Military Insider' Close-Quarter Combat Footage That Almost Never Made It!

The Horror Show

The Most Brutal, Nasty And Downright Dangerous Fighting Information Available Anywhere On The Planet!

Multiplied Force Fighting System DVD Package

The new way to fight!

Ancient Killing Arts

'Stolen From The Front-Lines of War'
If You're Squeamish Turn Away Now…

The Ultimate Pressure Point Encyclopedia

"Breakthrough New Pressure Point 'Computer Drive' Reveals Every Pressure Point Known To Man - And Turns You Into A Master Of Pressure Points From Your Favourite Armchair!"

Street Knockouts

"Eight Of The World's Most Feared Fighters Show You 57 Brutal Ways To Totally And Instantly Knockout A Street Punk!"

Mark Klines Pentagon System

What The Authorities Tried To Stop You Seeing! Pressure Point Guru Gets... BANNED FROM THE UK!

Extreme And Brutal

"The Most Extreme And Brutal Self-Defense Moves You've Ever Seen - All In One Place!"

Ghost Hands

Explode His Internal Organs!
Do NOT Read This Page If You Have 'Bad' Intentions of ANY Kind! This is for self-defense ONLY!

The Secret of The Iron Fist!

Now You Too Can Develop A Fist Like ‘Iron Mike Tyson' That Breezes Through Wood And Even Concrete…Even If You're Weak And Haven't Trained A Day Of Martial Arts In Your Life!

Chi Mastery Monthly

How To Become A Chi Master

Kevin O'Hagans Samurai Soldier

Fighting Secrets of Asia’s Most Brutal And Feared Warriors – Finally Revealed!

The Steven Burton Student To Master Program

Are YOU Ready To Join The Master?

Dim Mak Mastery

Discovered In The Mountains Of China! The Next Level Secrets!

The Brutal Bouncer

The World's Most Brutal And Dangerous Doorman?

Andy Gibney's Speed Fighting JKD System

"Forget Bruce Lee – Here's A Modernised 'Quick-to-Learn’ Form Of Jeet Kune Do Which Works Even If You Are Small, Wimpy And Out Of Shape!"

The Ultimate Pressure Point Collection

World’s Greatest Ever Collection Of Pressure Point Secrets?

Ninja Secrets

ninjas have been practically immortalised in movies – but few people have been able to learn their secrets – UNTIL NOW!

Russell Stutely's Power Black

Russell Stutely is BACK! And This Time He Did The Incredible... He Revealed His BLACK MAGIC SECRETS For Developing So Much

Jack Hogans Distance Energy Training Program

"The Mysterious No-Touch Knockout Expert Who Can Freeze His Opponents To The Floor!"

The Strike Force System

Finally! SECRETS of A WORLD-CLASS Royal Bodyguard – Revealed!

The Gaia Training System

New Breakthrough BLOWS TO BITS The World Of Self - Protection and Street Fighting.

Steven Burtons Dim Mak Secrets

"REAL Dim Mak 'Death Touch' Secrets That Chinese Masters Don't Want You To See – Finally Revealed!"

Russell Stutely's Pressure Point Protege Mastery Program

How An Overweight Super-Geek Achieved MASTERY Of The World's Most Powerful Pressure Points In A Secret Month-Long Training Regime

Joe Carslake's Nerve Fighting System

Here Are The NEW ‘NERVE Fighting' Secrets That Now Make ‘Ordinary' Pressure Point Fighting Obsolete!

The No-Touch Knockout System

“At Last...Now You Too Can Learn The Remarkable Secrets Of How To Knock Out A Thug Without Even Touching Them... Using These Near Magical New ‘No Touch' Knockout Secrets!”

Dark Arts-Nerve Fighting Mastery

Nerve Fighting – The Next Level!

Russell Stutelys Black Pressure Point Secrets

Russell Stutely Has Skipped The Country – And We Reckon It’s Because Of These All-New ‘BLACK MAGIC’ PRESSURE POINT SECRETS – Which He Wanted You To Have For The Very First Time!

The X Fighting System

The Amazing Story Of The Mysterious And Magical Fighting System They Simply Call ‘X’ - A ‘How To Fight’ System So Powerful It Is Turning Ordinary Men Into Fighting Machines Almost Overnight!

Russell Stutely's Warrior’s Union DVD's

“How To Fight” Secrets Of The World’s Most Elite Warrior’s!

Kevin O'Hagans Special Forces Hand-To-Hand Close Quarter Combat System

Hand-To-Hand Fighting Secrets Revealed For The First-Time By Amazing UK ‘Fighting Machine’!

The 5ft 5'Spec.Op./Equaliser Close-Quarter Fighting System

Five Foot Five And Just 8 Stone Yet He Actually Trains The Special Forces?

Russell Stutelys Magical Moves

MAGICAL Martial Arts Moves!

Tony Pillages Meridian Attack System

"Coventry Man Reveals The New 'Easy' Way For You To Become A Top Pressure Point Fighter – Even If You're A Lazy Bum!"

Russell Stutelys PPDT Training Program

Who Else Wants To Learn This Hand-To-Hand Fighting System Which Is Currently Being Taught To The USA's Law Enforcement Officers In Their Own Training Bases!?

Leo Negaos Banned MMA Moves

Former World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Is Revealing The Amazingly Dangerous Fighting Moves That Got Him Banned!

The Secret And Dangerous Double Dirty Dozen

24 Of The World’s Most Secret And Dangerous Self-Defence Techniques - REVEALED!

Kevin OHagans One Shot System

New 'One-Strike' Fighting System Is The Quickest And Easiest Way To Get Very Good At Self-Defence Very Quickly

Mark Kline's Double Tap Pressure Point System

The Fugitive Is Back!

Kevin OHagans Joint Breaking Secrets

Should These High-Level Joint-Breaking Secrets Of Kevin O’Hagan Be Released To Security Personnel Only

Russell Stutelys pressure point secrets

Russell Stutely Finally Reveals All The Pressure Point And Knockout Secrets That Have Made Him The UK's Most Devastating Martial Artist

The Universal Fighting System

Devastating, Real-Life Fighting System Used To Train 196 Of The World’s Best Bodyguards Finally Released To General Public!

Fight Finishers

World's Most Devastating (And Fastest) Fight Finishers!

Lee Morrison’s Urban Combatives

Extreme, ‘Lost’ Fighting Method Used To Train Military In World War 2 Gets Modern Day Makeover By UK’s Fastest Rising Close Quarter Combat Star

Dave Turton’s Modern Street Combat System

One Of Only 4 ‘Hall Of Fame’ Self-Defence Instructors In The World And Trainer Of World Champions Reveals Completely Modernised System For Street Combat That Will Change The Way You Look At Self-Defence Forever!

Jimmy Davisons Short Arm Jujitsu

The Most Ridiculously Unbelievable Story About The Most Outrageously Dangerous Martial Arts Video In The UK!

Lee Morrison’s Fight-Back!

Self-Protection Strategies In A World Gone Mad

Turton - How To Be A Complete Street Warrior In 7 hours

Why The Lump Of Wood For A Martial Artist Like Yourself?

Kevin O'Hagan's ‘Super-Secret Weekend Training System

Yes, You're About To Become A Self-Defense ‘Master' With My SECRET Weekend Training System!

Real Life Street Pressure Points

At Last! Here Are The Worlds Most Real-World, Tested And Brutal Street-Based Pressure Point SECRETS

Jimmy Davison Uncensored And Unedited


Dave Turtons Hidden, Lost And Devastating Arts

Take A Look At These Shins; The Result Of Knowing How To Harness The Hidden And Lost Arts Of Yesteryear!

Richard Cotterills Stick fighting and Stealth Weapon Secrets

The ONLY ‘How To Fight On The Streets’ With STICKS Information That’s Recommended By The UK’s Best Martial Artists!

Conflict Zone: The R.A.I.D. Military Fighting System

At Last…Now You Can Discover The Secret Military Fighting System Developed By A Guy From The Parachute Regiment Who Fought With The SAS In Sierra Leone

Stewart McGill's Urban Krav Maga

Urabn Krav Maga Secrets That Will Change The Way You Protect Yourself - Forever!

Mark Weir’s MMA Power

Fitness, Power and Physique Secrets Of The UK’s Modern-Day Gladiators!

Matt Follains KITO Speed Hitting System

New Secret Speed Hitting System Lets You Strike A Bully 9 Times In One Second… Dropping Him Quicker Than A Large Sack Of Potatoes!

The SENI '06 Seminars

Yes! Here Are The Amazing Secrets Of The UK’s Very Best Self-Defence Instructors Filmed Live At The SENI Combat Show 2006!